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Reality at Home Podcast

Janet and Bill Scott are certified Life Coaches in a few different area's.  This podcast is focused on marriage and everyday life.  We will look at the good, bad and the ugly and then find out how to make our marriage great.

Oct 26, 2014

Bill and Janet talk about Halloween and what it means to you and your family.  Bill shares his story about what happened two weeks before Halloween years ago.  Janet asks questions about Bill's book "The Day Satan Called."

Spook or Spoof?  This is a chilling story about what happened to Bill and his family when they met...

Oct 19, 2014

Our guest today is Dr. Greg Smalley.  Dr. Smalley is President of Smalley Marriage Institute, a marriage and family ministry located in Branson, Missouri. He also serves at the Chairman of the Board of the National Marriage Association.


He has appeared on both television and radio programs, including Focus on the...

Oct 12, 2014

You may be in love and your new marriage is doing well but how are the kids doing?  Janet and I have found that blending families is far harder than we thought it would be.

Ron Deal From Family Life is our special guest on this program.  Ron is a marriage and family author, conference speaker, and therapist. He is...

Oct 5, 2014

Dr. Linda Mintle, better known as the relationship doctor.  Dr. Linda Mintle is a best selling author and speaker.  

Today she talks about the 10 Lies In Your Marriage.  Dr. Mintle is really great at helping you divorce proof your marriage.  

This is a must listen to podcast for every marriage.  You'll be amazed at the...